Our Purpose

Introducing Ingenious Elegance Cuisines: Where Art Meets Flavor!

Are you aware that memories
are developed through our senses?

Each sensory such as taste, touch, or smell can lead to flourishing memories we cherish and look back on fondly.

There are three types of sensory memory we like to make note of; echoic, iconic, and haptic memory.
Haptic memory is linked to touch and is more than just reaching out your hand to interpret texture. The buttery crunch of a freshly sauteed crouton paired with your favorite fresh salad. The fluffy feeling of the cappuccino foam before the deep aroma of coffee hits your lips.

Touch is related to taste, while closely linked to smell. All connects and builds a powerful bridge for memories to form. We believe in diving more deeply into haptic and iconic memory functions. Our chefs like to play with the textures of the food and colors from the sauces or sustenance on the plate as they dance through the courses. We leave the echoic memory to naturally form as the audio stimuli are your musically composed laughter and joyful conversations filling the room enjoying your meal

Our purpose is to create an atmosphere where you can be comfortable and confident trying new flavors or reminiscence from the olden days.

Divergent experiences can renew your perspective of food, through making connections while embracing food and people alike.