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We offer elevated dining experiences in Orlando, Clermont, Tampa and all of central Florida!

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Inspire Your

Inner Chef

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We offer elevated dining experiences

Serving Orlando, Clermont, Tampa and all of central Florida!

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Do you want to learn how to make your favorite meals? Are you planning an elegant banquet? We can enhance your cooking skills and social gatherings. We provide:

  • Private Chef Services
  • Pastry Chef and Cake Services
  • Event Catering Services
  • Cooking Classes
  • Corporate Workshops Events
  • Canapés Party Services
  • Afternoon Tea Party
  • Weddings and Large Events
  • Curated Event Planning & Designing
  • Party Consulting and Coordinating

Don't settle in life or for your event! inGenious Elegance Cuisines can enhance your dining to an inGenious Experience.


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If you want to elevate your experience with outstanding food, turn to inGenious Elegance Cuisines. Our expertise and attention to detail make us a preferred catering company in Orlando & Clermont, FL. Call 407-308-5970 or email us today to see how we can help. We offer catering services in Orlando, Clermont, Tampa and all of central Florida!

Turn Your Home Into a High-End Restaurant

Hire a private chef

Good food enhances any social gathering, but great food is what can make it memorable. You don't want to hire just any catering company for your event. The private chef at inGenious Elegance Cuisines will create a delicious menu full of your favorite foods and new palate pleasers too!

Our services are discovered all over the world but are stationed in Orlando, FL and service Orlando, Clermont, Tampa and all of central Florida.

With years of experience in the culinary and fine dining industry, Look no further for Haute and other Cuisines making outstanding meals that will satisfy you and your guests.
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